One Dog's "Lick-It List" Is Leaving a Global Legacy
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Upon learning that his beloved medical/hearing service and therapy dog, Bingo, was diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, 11-year old Cole Hein created a Lick-It-List (a bucket list for dogs) to make his dog's dreams come true. One item on the list, " for Bingo to taste treats from around the world" pulled at our heartstrings and caused a global outpouring which captured the attention of Cesar Millan.

Together, the Cesar Millan Foundation and the Hein Family created the Bingo Hein Legacy Fund and 100% of all donations made to the fund will go towards making more dreams come true for shelter dogs.

The first order of business, per Cole's request, is to raise enough money to build an outdoor dog park at a local shelter where dogs can be outside and enjoy the fresh air and play with potential adopters.
We hope that the "Lick-It List" will inspire other dog owners to think about all the wonderful things their dogs have done for them and start returning the favor through the Bingo Hein Legacy Fund. 

*Monthly donations will be charged on the same day of the month and to the same credit card used for the initial donation. Annual donations will recur in the same month and to the same credit card used for the initial donation. You will receive an e-mail confirming each donation. All recurring donations can be stopped at any time by contacting Cesar Millan, Inc.'s customer service. If your expiration date, billing address, or credit card has changed, you will need to cancel your current recurring donation by contacting customer service with your order number and make a new pledge through our shopping cart. Do not send any credit card information by email.

Millions of animals entering shelters each year need the help of strong Pack Leaders. We count on you to lead the charge in helping the Millan Foundation save more dogs from euthanasia. Each of these abandoned animals deserves a second chance. Together we can prevent unwanted litters, assist overcrowded shelters, and provide resources to the rescues that work diligently to rehabilitate these dogs and find them the forever homes they deserve.


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