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The ‘Dog Whisperer’ and Ilusion Millan Commit to Offer Both Financial Aid and Expertise to Nation’s Rescue Shelters for the Care of Abused and Displaced Dogs

LOS ANGELES, CA (FEBRUARY 14, 2007) -- Cesar Millan-whose hit series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan has become a national phenomenon— and Ilusion Millan have founded THE MILLAN FOUNDATION, a national, non-profit foundation designed to aid and support the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of abused and abandoned dogs.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to provide financial support and rehabilitation expertise to shelters throughout the United States, better enabling them to maintain the highest standards of care and assistance to animals under their protection.

The Millans are simultaneously planning to establish a new headquarters for their successful Dog Psychology Center, where they maintain round-the-clock care and rehabilitation of up to fifty or more animals at a time. The Center is moving from its present inner city Los Angeles location to 
a ranch near Santa Clarita, California. The property, which will include dog trails, exercise runs, an obstacle course, a small lake large enough for swimming and recreation, and a host of kennels. The goal is to create a “retreat center” that assists in creating a balanced connection between humans and dogs.

Initial funding for The Millan Foundation will be provided by the Millans themselves. 

Specifically, the Millan Foundation will offer financial support and expertise to:

The Millans stated: “Through the strong support of our fans, we are able to fulfill our dreams. The national platform of Dog Whisperer makes the timing perfect to reach out and help others in the field. The Foundation is intended to benefit needy dog shelters and rescue centers throughout the United States. Our many years of experience in the rehabilitation of dogs of every breed and background has taught us that most animals can make excellent companions, and that all many of them need is the proper care and a second chance. Too often it is the owner who has given up on a pet, or mistreated it in some way that has made it inhospitable. These centers work diligently to rehabilitate dogs and find them good homes rather than exterminate them, a resort we think is never acceptable. Some of these shelters are woefully under funded, though their hearts are in the right place. We hope to provide assistance to the best of them whenever and wherever we can so that these great animals will continue to make great companions.”

Millan, born in rural Mexico, first came to the United States intent on becoming the world’s best dog trainer. Soon, however, he realized his life’s mission would be a much more important one. America’s dogs, he learned, were the most loved, best cared-for dogs in the world, but he soon realized that many of them were dangerously out of control. Millan subsequently altered his goal, and set his sights on becoming a “rehabilitator” of dogs—working to help problem dogs overcome lifelong issues, but, more importantly, to help train dog owners how to be the solution, not the problem. Since then, Millan has successfully spread his message of “it’s the owner, not the dog” by way of his hit television series, # 1 New York Times best-selling book Cesar’s Way, and instructional DVDs.

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