What is a Cesar Millan Ambassador?

At Cesar Millan, Inc., our goal is to make the world a better place, one dog at a time. This group was created to harness the power of the pack in order to make a greater difference in our world. Cesar Millan Ambassadors is a volunteer organization that helps spread the word about Cesar Millan events and products on the internet and in their community; assist in events, such as Dog Whisperer auditions or fundraisers for the Millan Foundation, that are held in their area; and share their participation and outreach in their community with other pack leaders. Together, we work to build a greater awareness of our dogs’ needs and create a positive “ripple effect” in the dog community.

How much time is required if I become an Ambassador?

We hope that you will be able to commit at least two hours a month to the Ambassadors team. Those who are able to participate more frequently may become Team Leaders and help us to coordinate projects. If this is not possible for you, that's not a problem. The idea is to help you connect with other pack leaders to enrich your life and the lives of dogs in your community. If you feel unable to participate in the team any longer or would like to take a break for a period of time, simply let us know. If you feel ready to come back, you know where to find us!

What benefits do I get from becoming a Cesar Millan Ambassador?

We hope that the greatest benefit you will get is the opportunity to help dogs in need and connect with other pack leaders. As a thank you for your support, we offer special product discounts, give you advance notice of upcoming events and products, and run exclusive contests to acknowledge the work you do in your community.

What special skills do I need to participate?

All we require is a love for dogs! We ask that you maintain a positive and professional attitude when working in the community as an Ambassador. We also ask that you put your safety first in all situations. A basic understanding of computers and the Internet may be required for access to Ambassador information.


Current Ambassadors
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Cesar Millan Ambassador's organize events to promote responsible dog ownership.

Ambassador's Pirate Day raised funds for the Millan Foundation.

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